Your Lawyer Ruined Your Lawsuit?

Did your lawyer ruin your lawsuit? Do you feel as if you were cheated in the outcome of your case?  Was your lawsuit botched?  If so, you may have grounds for a legal malpractice case.

Determination of legal malpractice is complex, and can take into account many factors.  Just because the outcome (i.e. monetary recovery) was smaller than one would expect does not necessarily mean that the lawyer or law firm acted improperly.

However, if you do feel as if your case was handled in an improper or unfair manner, it is in your best interest to at least determine if the outcome was a result of legal malpractice.  While in theory, lawyers should handle all cases in a proficient manner that is free from conflict, in actuality there are many ways in which a lawyer may act in an inappropriate fashion that will adversely impact the client’s case.

Elman Joseph Law Group’s lawyers have decades of experience practicing personal injury law in the Chicago metropolitan area.  We are trial lawyers, meaning that if we can not negotiate an attractive settlement, we have extensive experience in taking cases to court.  This extensive litigation experience helps us to accurately assess how much your case is worth, and how we may best help you realize the maximum settlement.

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