Workers Compensation Claim Leads To Legal Malpractice Lawsuit

Workers compensation claims can be mishandled by attorneys, leading to a diminished amount to the injured worker. There can also be instances where – due to lawyer error – the injured worker receives no compensation, regardless of the circumstances regarding the accident and injuries.

On this site, various aspects of legal malpractice is discussed, as it pertains to the mishandling of injury lawsuits. There are many instances of lawyers mishandling or committing errors during lawsuits.  These errors can result in the plaintiff receiving far less or no compensation for their injuries.

The March 27, 2018 Madison Record discusses a legal malpractice lawsuit involving a workers compensation claim. The plaintiff is suing his attorneys “alleging they failed to represent him as a reasonable attorney would under the same or similar circumstances.” The injured worker, Edward Holmes, lost his workers compensation claim, i.e. wound up receiving no compensation for his injuries.

The Madison Record article is titled “Man files legal malpractice suit against East Alton attorneys over workers compensation claim.” An excerpt from the article, concerning the alleged legal malpractice of his attorneys:

Holmes alleges the defendants breached their duty to represent him in the same manner as reasonable attorneys would under the circumstances by failing to call the witnesses he had identified. He also alleges Patti failed to object to inadmissible and irrelevant evidence and testimony that prejudiced his case. 

Additional details regarding this alleged legal malpractice in handling a workers compensation claim can be seen in the article mentioned above.

Legal malpractice can take many forms. Some of the most common reasons for people wanting to file legal malpractice lawsuits are listed on the “Chicago Legal Malpractice Trial Lawyer” page. Plaintiffs often file such lawsuits against their attorneys as they need compensation for their injuries, and due to the mishandling of their lawsuit they seek to recover compensation from their lawyers.