Vehicle Accident Legal Malpractice Case

The January 13, 2014 Professional Malpractice & Ethics summary features a case involving personal injury legal malpractice, in a case titled “Bates v. Anderson.”

This case illustrates various aspects of legal malpractice.

In the case, professional legal malpractice is claimed by the plaintiff.

The underlying personal injury stemmed from the following vehicle accident, excerpted from the Supreme Court of the State of Montana ruling:

In September 1999, Bates, a Michigan resident, visited Montana for a hunting trip
organized by Koocanusa Outfitters. Koocanusa Outfitters was owned by Neven and Debrah Zugg.  On September 18, 1999, Bates was injured in a one-vehicle accident near Libby, Montana. George Hogan, one of the Zuggs’ employees, was the driver of the vehicle. Hogan was legally intoxicated at the time of the accident and ultimately pleaded guilty to reckless driving.

An excerpt from the Professional Malpractice & Ethics summary:

Plaintiff filed a complaint against a law firm and its attorneys (Defendants), alleging that Defendants committed legal malpractice when they advised Plaintiff, their former client, to sign a release with an insurer regarding his underlying suit arising from a vehicle accident.

Additional details concerning this legal malpractice case can be seen in the Bates v. Anderson summary, as well as the Supreme Court of the State of Montana ruling mentioned above.


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