Legal Malpractice Lawsuit Filed Regarding Legal Advice

Giving bad or incorrect legal advice, as well as failure to properly advise, are two grounds for a potential legal malpractice suit.

Recently, there has been a legal malpractice lawsuit filed regarding allegedly incorrect legal advice provided.

Two excerpts from The Cook County Record article titled “Indiana doctors seek $2.2M in legal malpractice suit against  Barnes & Thornburg” :

Seven doctors practicing medicine in Indiana are suing Barnes & Thornburg and two of its lawyers, claiming they gave them false information and bad advice.


The plaintiffs claim they were given misinformation by the defendants regarding their former practice’s non-compete provisions. The suit states the defendants advised the plaintiffs they were not violating this provision in leaving the facility to practice medicine at another office, when in fact there was a non-compete clause in the plaintiffs’ contracts.

Additional details and possible updates can be seen in a variety of media sources, including The Cook County Record article mentioned above, as well as the article of March 10, 2014 titled “Barnes & Thornburg Faces $2.2 Million Malpractice Suit By Doctors.”


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