Legal Malpractice Lawsuit Concerning Illinois Pedestrian Accident Case

This site discusses various aspects of legal malpractice as it pertains to the mishandling of personal injury lawsuits. As discussed on this site, there are many grounds for filing a legal malpractice lawsuit.  These reasons vary. Some of the most common reasons are listed on the “Chicago Legal Malpractice Trial Lawyer” page.

While many actions may constitute legal malpractice, among the most common reasons is the failure of a personal injury lawyer to meet deadlines. A lawsuit has to be filed before the statute of limitations expires, except in a few limited instances.

The Madison Record article of July 31, 2019, titled “Pedestrian injured in crash alleges Williams Caponi failed to timely file suit” discusses an Illinois legal malpractice lawsuit. The suit alleges the law firm failed to file the suit within the statute of limitations. The underlying personal injury case involved a pedestrian accident in Sparta that allegedly caused “severe injuries” including some that were permanent injuries. Pedestrian accidents often cause a range of serious injuries which generate significant, if not substantial medical bills. As well, other financial pressures can result, especially if the person hit by a vehicle is not able to work for a significant period of time.

Two excerpts from the article:

Jackie Salger filed suit in St. Clair County Circuit Court against the Belleville law firm over the claim that its attorneys, including principal Jim Williams, did not file an action within two years of the August 2015 collision. As a result, Salger claims she was left unable to recover for the injuries she suffered in the crash. 


Salger alleges Williams Caponi breached its duty by failing to timely file the action, failing to keep a proper calendar, failing to properly investigate the collision, and failing to advise Salger that they were no longer going to represent her.

Additional details concerning legal malpractice, as well as the highlighted lawsuit, can be seen in the sources mentioned above.