Lawsuit Regarding Failure To File Lawsuit On Time

This site discusses the many reasons that one may wish to file an Illinois legal malpractice lawsuit over the mishandling of a personal injury case.  These reasons vary in nature.  Some of the most common reasons are listed on the “Chicago Legal Malpractice Trial Lawyer” page, and are further discussed elsewhere on this site.

The various reasons underpinning legal malpractice are somewhat broad.  One of the most well-known reasons, and one that is often cited in legal malpractice lawsuits, is the failure of a personal injury lawyer (or law firm) to meet deadlines, including the failure of the law firm to file a personal injury lawsuit before the statute of limitations expires.

A recent lawsuit filed in The Circuit Court of Cook County illustrates a law firm that is being sued for the alleged failure to file a lawsuit in time.  The underlying personal injury lawsuit was for an injury suffered when a bus collided with a passenger car in Harvey.

The legal malpractice lawsuit, which alleges a missed statute of limitations, is discussed in the Cook County Record article of November 19, 2014 titled “Woman accuses Slocumb Law Firm of failing to file her lawsuit on time.”


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