Conflict Of Interest

One form of potential legal malpractice is if the lawyer or law firm has a conflict of interest. This  conflict of interest occurs when an attorney has ulterior motives and/or divided loyalties, and is unable or unwilling to truly place the interests of the client first.

This conflict of interest can take many forms.  One form is if the lawyer or law firm is representing another party with interests adverse to those of the client, and fails to disclose such conflict and/or proceeds with representing the client regardless.

Attorneys have professional ethical responsibilities requiring them to avoid such conflicts of interest, and are supposed to look out for and act upon their clients’ best interests.  Unfortunately, this is  not always done.

If your attorney did not disclose a conflict of interest, you may have a legal malpractice or breach of fiduciary duty claim based on the conflict of interest.  To talk to a trial attorney regarding such a matter, please call Elman Joseph Law Group at 773-392-8182 to immediately talk to an attorney.  This initial consultation is provided free of charge and is confidential.