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Anthony R. Elman, Lead Trial Attorney, The Elman Joseph Law Group

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Tony Elman, the Lead Trial Attorney at the Elman Joseph Law Group, has been named a “Super Lawyer” by Thomson Reuters.  This designation is granted based upon both professional achievement and peer recognition.  Only the top 5% of lawyers can receive this designation.

If you believe that you may have been the victim of personal injury legal malpractice, call Tony Elman, Lead Trial Lawyer at the Elman Joseph Law Group at 773-392-8182.  This consultation is provided free of charge.

Elman Joseph Law Group handles lawsuits on a “contingency” basis…Elman Joseph Law Group’s clients never pay a fee unless and until they receive monetary compensation.

Do you feel that your personal injury lawyer mishandled your case?  If so, you may be able to pursue legal action against their law firm for Legal Malpractice.

Legal malpractice can take many forms…in general terms, it can be defined as negligent legal error, breach of contract, or breach of fiduciary duty by a lawyer or law firm.

If you or a family member are concerned your personal injury case may have been mishandled – or that you were in some way misrepresented or cheated – please contact our offices immediately.

Lawyers are supposed to represent their client’s interests.  However, there are many ways in which a lawyer can fall short of fulfilling their duties.  Unfortunately, their clients often pay for such shortcomings, carelessness, or negligence.

There are many actions that can be considered legal malpractice.  Some of these include:

  • Settling a case for a greatly diminished amount relative to the merits of the lawsuit (i.e. an insufficient settlement)
  • Conflict of interest
  • Misrepresentation of facts by the lawyer
  • Failure to follow the client’s instructions
  • Letting the statute of limitations lapse
  • Ignorance with regard to relevant laws and legal concepts
  • Inaccurate recordkeeping or inability to produce documents
  • Assorted other careless mistakes

Legal malpractice can, and does, happen in all facets of personal injury law, from car accidents to workplace injuries to wrongful death cases.